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Welcome to Hoofprints On My Heart, the memorial tribute section of Hoofbeats In Heaven, created to enable you to honor your beloved equine companions who have gone on ahead. I know what a difficult and painful time it is when you lose your cherished horse. Whether it's been a few days, a few months, or several years, the love for these incredible beings lives on always.

Now you can share the story of the bond with your horse and your treasured memories with all who visit here. A memorial tribute honors your horse and lets you know you are not alone in missing the presence of your special companion.

Here you will find 828 loving tributes that attest to the eternal power of the human/equine bond. Honoring your horse in this way can be a step toward focusing on the gift of your horse's life and less on mourning his death.

There is no charge for this service; just my understanding that there is comfort and pride in honoring and celebrating the equine companions who have graced our lives. And in doing so, we show our respect for the strength of our horse's spirit that ensures we are left with their hoofprints on our hearts.



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Home Sweet Home

A portrait of Beau and myself by
artist, Kim McElroy. It exemplifies
the horse/human bond.

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Unfortunately, some people have deliberately sent me "memorial" tributes for horses who have not died - or who never existed at all.  It's very sad when an individual needs attention so badly that they go to such pathetic lengths.

As owner of Hoofbeats In Heaven, I retain the right, with neither notification or explanation to the sender, not to publish any tribute that appears to me to be suspiciou


How To Submit Your Memorial Tribute

Please Read ALL The Information Below

1. Do not proceed until you have read Hoofbeats In Heaven's Terms of Use. Only submit your memorial if you agree to and accept these terms.

2. E-mail your tribute to me with the words Memorial Submission in the subject line so that it isn't accidently deleted as spam.

3. Necessary information to send me:

Your Horse's Name
If you include the registered name and the barn name, please tell me which one you want at the top of the page above your horse's photo. That name will also be listed in the tribute index. If you don't specify, I will need to make the decision and it may not be your preference.

Your Memorial Text
Any length is fine. You can write only about the death of your horse if you need to, but I encourage you to also write about his/her life with you. This is how we can honor  our horses...by acknowledging the gift of having shared in their lives.

Please do not send text as a separate attachment. Include it in the body of your e-mail.

This is not a video site and I cannot upload your horse's video to Hoofbeats In Heaven. Our tributes  to our horses are the written word and a photo. If you want to upload a video of your heavenly horse to a video site, I can include that link on your horse's tribute page.

Your First Name
It will be included at the end of the tribute.

4. Optional information to send me:

Your Horse's Breed (if known)

Age and/or Date of Birth (if known) and Date of Death

One Photo of Your Horse
Send as an e-mail attachment (no zip file) in .jpg format. If you send in another format, I may not be able to use it. The size of the photo must be at least 300 x 300 pixels.  A thumbnail photo is too small. Please send me only ONE photo. A montage photo can't be accepted. I retain the right to edit your photo to enable me to best showcase your horse.

5. Please do not write your text in e-mail shorthand or chatspeak. When you don't capitilize first letters of sentences or you don't capitilize "I" or your tribute is all caps (which translates as shouting), I then need to re-type your entire memorial. You will have to wait longer to see your tribute if I have to completely redo it. Since I volunteer my time to bring your tributes to life, I would appreciate this courtesy.

6. Tributes will be ready for viewing within 10 days of the date of your submission. Please do not write and ask me if I received it unless your tribute has not been posted by the end of 10 days. I just don't have the time to acknowledge the receipt of every memorial.

I will notify you when your tribute is posted. Please understand that because I spend so much time working on our 900+ page Hoofbeats In Heaven site, I need to send you a generic notification. While it will not be personalized, know that I feel deeply for each of you as I come to know your horses through your tributes and photos.

7. You will initially find your horse's name on this page in the Recent Tributes section. Approximately a month later I will move the name into the alphabetical index, located directly below the Recent Tributes box.

8. This is your tribute and you can edit/update your text or change your photo whenever you feel the need. Just send me the exact changes you want and they will be made within 10 days of receipt.


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