Hoofbeats In Heaven
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Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Lament For Rene
Darbi Kenyon-Schneider

They all say it was for the best, the right thing to do.
They tell you it will get better,
even as more grief washes over you.
They tell you they understand, and they were there before.
They tell you they admire your strength
and her courage even more.

But can they tell you when your suffering and tears will end?
Can they tell you why this had to happen to such a valiant friend?
Can they explain away your doubts and comfort you in the night?
Is it their words or her nickers you remember
when you turn on the barn lights?

Can they tell you she didn't suffer as she took her one long breath?
Can they tell you honestly that they know where she is after her death?
Do they know what her big dark eyes saw as her light went out?
Did it all fade to grey, or did it just blank out?

The pain and loss goes deeper than the moment it all went down.
How long I wonder will it be till I stop searching for her mound?
I look for her bent shape whenever I pass
and think of her whenever I take a breath.
Why did I think the suffering ended with just her death?

For the best? Well I guess that must be true,
or else how could you do something like that and pay for it too?
I feel like this is some nightmare that we are all a part of.
That this surreal feeling I have will go away
and I'll look out the window to see Rene walk another day.

But as it is I know that it isn't true.
I have to be content with well-wishing, poems and
sympathies sent to you.
I have to know the end has come and let myself cry.
Try to remember her expression and scent the best I can
and stop asking myself why.
Because it truly was the best that we could do for Rene.

Although it pains us this and every other day.

Smile for the mare that could barely take a step,
relieved her pain is ended though we are so upset.
Take comfort and turn your gaze to look upon the sky.
For now our Rene no longer walks, now that mare can fly.

Contributed by Donna Kenyon.

"In Memory of Rene"

Rene's Memorial Tribute

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