Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

I'm Missing You Tonight
Written & Contributed By
Shannah M. Helman

I'm missing you tonight
All my thoughts are turned to you
I sit alone and cry
I can think of nothing else to do.

Has it really been three months?
It seems like so much longer
Not having you by my side
Only makes the pain that much stronger.

I'm missing you tonight
My heart feels empty and hollow
I feel the tears coming now
Though I bite back hard and swallow.

You were my angel, my precious friend
On your sweet neck I'd rest my head
You took away all my sorrows
But now my sorrow is that you're dead.

I'm missing you tonight
I just wanted you to know
That I'm thinking of you and how things were
Oh why did you have to go?

I look to my side and I can no longer see you
And in vain your sweet face I seek
Desperately searching for you
Knowing that upon this earth we never again shall meet.

I'm missing you tonight
And I hope that somewhere, you're missing me too
I lay in bed at night and dream
Somehow they always come back to you.

I know that in this mortal life
I will never again see your shinning light
But if you can hear me, I want you to know
That I'm missing you tonight.

"Dedicated to Miss Scarlett."

Miss Scarlett's Memorial Tribute

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