Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Horses In Heaven
Written & Contributed By
Shannah M. Helman

Thundering in the distance,
Galloping over clouds,
Manes and tails flowing,
Their spirits unbound.

Released of all pain,
For now they run free,
In ebony fields
And bright starry seas.

Horses who were loved
By girls and boys alike
Now run across the stars
Calling out with delight.

For now they are free
From all hunger and pain.
In the pastures of heaven,
They are made whole again.

The waters are clearer
And the grass is so sweet.
The softness of the earth
Renews tired feet.

Here they all dwell
With plenty of space to roam
Until one special person comes
Whom they gladly welcome home.

For though heaven is beautiful
And their spirits in bliss,
They left behind someone
On Earth whom they miss.

For as much as they love heaven
And all their new friends,
When they see their beloved human
Their playtime will end.

For what they have desired most
Is the touch of your hand,
And driven by that urge
They turn and run from their band.

The ground trembles loudly
As your horse quickens its pace
And stops just mere inches
From your now tear-stained face.

In this long awaited moment
Horse and human again become one
And quietly they embrace
Under heaven's setting sun.

The horse leaves the herd
Filled with others who still wait,
For the time when their owner
Will pass through the gates.

And in that one moment
The horse will turn and stop
And quickly then neigh
Picking up into a trot.

Away from the band
He'll too break away
And swiftly he'll run,
Hooves thundering all the way.

So when you hear thunder
Cracking loud over head
Take a moment and remember
All that this poem has said.

For the thunder we hear
Is no scary sound,
But the sound of a horse running
To his long lost owner, now found.

Stop now and listen
To the thunder overhead revving
For it's not really thunder,
But horses in heaven.

February 8, 2005

"Dedicated to Miss Scarlett.
Rest in peace my sweet mare.
I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge."

Miss Scarlett's Memorial Tribute

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