Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Horse - Creature Of The Wind
Author Unknown

How fitting, it is said in the bible, we humans were made of dust, but you, creature of vitality and beauty, you were made of warm southerly wind and Allah commanded, 'Condense thyself'.  And thus from it came the creature we call 'Equus' or 'Horse'.

Legs that can pump like pistons, fragile no matter the breed, compaed to your great massive body. You are streamline because you were born of the wind. So when you run into or away from it, you sweep, streaming beautiful motion.

If we could see the wind we would see you. Your powerful muscles and sinews that wrap about your frame, flex and are defined beneath a shining silky coat.  In the light, you are like velvet, wrapped over those sinews, and bouncing off the different angles, you shine like a polished diamond.

How blessed were all of us to share presence with you, the wind, when we were the dust. You made us more beautiful and made us feel finely made when with you or on you. Lucky were we the dust, creature of the wind that now resides in heaven, in the sky.

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