Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Hoofbeats From Heaven
Written & Contributed By
Sara Bercier

A cool breath behind you ruffles your hair,
You turn to look,
But your friend is not there.

You reach out in your mind,
Searching for him.
And you know that he is cared for,
An angel for his every whim.

Your mind is quietly pleading with your heart,
To let the precious memories go.
But your mind desperately reels,
As your heart vehemently says No!

You despairingly reach out your hand,
Aching for his spirit to glide down and touch you.
Look into your heart,
That's all you have to do. 

Far in the distance,
You hear the distinct sound of thunder.
You anxiously look up,
But seeing no clouds, you wonder.

He appears before you,
When you close your eyes.
But when you open them,
He disappears back to heaven,
An angel in disguise.

You hear the noise again,
And you look up to heaven.
There you see white clouds,
In their number, seven.

As you watch, they merge,
Creating an image you know.
And as you continue staring,
His image begins to show.

There your friend is,
Glorious in fluffy white.
An additional cloud forms,
His Angel Wings of might.

Then you know that the sound you heard,
Wasn't thunder at all.
It was your friend arriving,
Giving you a call.

The hoof beats as he approaches,
And down your face they wash,
Those happy, joyous tears.

You spend the day with your friend,
Knowing he'll eventually go.
Back to the heaven from which he came,
And from which again he will show.

As the thunder-like hoof beats,
Roll happily over the land.
You know his hoof prints are in your heart,
Pressed forever there like prints in the sand.

As time passes by,
Days turn to years,
You'll always remember him,
With happy and sad tears.

With the hoof prints on your heart,
You will never disregard.
The days the hoof beats from heaven came,
A heaven-sent greeting card.

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