Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Heavenly Ride
Written & Contributed By
Jaime L. Cowan

"For Rhapsody Rhose."

Your memory is a time warp
I'm lost right now without you.
I can't give up and cannot rest
Until the whole world can hear about you.

I am overwhelmed with so much pain.
I can't describe the way I feel.
And even though I am told different
These wounds will never heal.

When I close my eyes at night
My thoughts are quickly filled
With the image of the slaughter
Of an innocent soul, whose blood was spilled.

I wake with pounding heartbeats
And cannot hold back the tears.
Cause I realize how your week was filled
With all those undeserving fears.

A horse that never hurt another
Pure beauty forced into a pen.
Sentenced to an awful fate
I was not there to help defend.

A partner for so many years.
The most reliable of friends
Was taken from me carelessly
And came so brutally to an end.

This injustice was forced upon us
And no law man can tell us why.
No one will punish those criminals
That forced my friend to die.

I wish I could visit Heaven
To the highest mountains I would climb.
If I could come and see you
And look into your eyes just one last time.

I would tell you how much I love you.
And how I'm fighting every day.
I'd look into those big brown eyes
And I'd wish the pain away.

I'd hug you tight around your neck
And I'd whisper in your ear
That even though we're forced apart
Your love and honor is still here.

And with your head resting on my shoulder,
While you nibble at my hair,
I would gently touch your noble face
And know, this isn't fair.

I'd climb onto that trusty back
And like flying with an eagle.
We'd soar across the open field
No other horse could be so regal.

I see the freedom blowing through your mane
I can see that we were perfect.
Years of memories like this one
Makes the fight I fight well worth it.

And I'd treasure every second
Until the dreams I have, subside.
I begin to shake because I know
For me. It's my last ride.

I miss you so and want you home
And even though it makes me cry
One last kiss upon your fuzzy nose
And one last, "I love you, friend, goodbye."

And though time will pass throughout the years,
I'll hold those memories close to me.
And in my dreams, with each farewell dismount
I'll send your spirit running free.

"In Pursuit of Justice for Rhapsody Rhose

In Honor and Loving Memory,

I Will Fight For You Until Justice Is Served.

May you Rest In Peace Now,

Without Pain or Fear.

I love you, Rappy, and miss you so much."

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