Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Heart of a Horseman
Written & Contributed By
Lacey Kueper

They don't understand

why I feel more alone,

when I am surrounded by others.

Why I feel more at home,

with soft nickers and leather?

I feel more at home,

when I hold one can not speak

than embraced by others.

who think their goals they can reach.

Soft eyes and a warm coat,

no room for anything but love to grow,

when in people, love is replaced

by thing they can only show.

The heart of a horseman,

one of a dying breed,

is withering away in a life full of greed.

We have a horse's mind,

and a hurting heart,

for we are some of the last,

who can tell them apart.

A dying kind,

in an advanced society

who know something is wrong,

but does not admit what they see.

Even those close

from when we are born,

can not understand the reason we mourn.

Technology replaces the real joys in life.

They believe it makes things easy,

but will only end in strife.

We are the few that sees,

what is to come.

I can saddle up,

but there is nowhere to run.

A tired sun is setting on a corrupted race,

nature does not tolerate this for long,

something out of its place.

The rythm of a different beat,

the song of a heart,

is what sets me from you,

we are a world apart.

But to nature we are guilty,

though we are friends of the wind.

Because I look like you,

I am a part of your sins.

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