Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Guardian Angel
Written & Contributed By
Vikki Hopper

To Seb...you were an angel
A guardian from above
Chosen that day to help him
To rescue him and show him love

Of all the horses you had seen, Sebastian was the one
To share your lives together, full of love and fun
You gave him a new start in life, a life of love and care
When others would have walked away you were always there

He had the best of everything without a second thought
The love and care you showed him could never have been bought
You knew each other inside out, that's how he let you know
It was the time to say goodbye, the time to let him go

With new legs he runs free now
Galloping through the sky
Just stopping to check up on you and hug you when you cry
His friend is running next to him, together free from pain
Rolling and bucking round the fields causing havoc once again!

His love is all around you
His soul is in your heart
Until the day you meet again
To be together and never part.

"I wrote Guardian Angel for my friend when her horse
Sebastian sadly passed away four weeks after my Blaze.
He was Blaze's best friend."

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