Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Godspeed, God's Steed
Written & Contributed By
Paige Cerulli

The day he came to take you home,
I thought my world would break in two.
I'd built upon a love so strong
That life itself was lived through you.

The tears I've shed could fill a void
that love in whole cannot complete.
I cannot stand that I must wait
For years until again we meet.

I've tried to find a reason why you had to go.
Why you are gone -
As there must be an angel girl
without a steed to ride upon!

You carry her, I know it, now.
You've earned your wings and fly with ease
And proud you stand, and prouder still
With your back held between her knees.

I hear she's young - aged barely twelve,
And likely lonely for her friend.
I know that you will guide her well
and help her shattered heart to mend.

You show her how strong love can be
Through all that you have learned before;
That living doesn't end with death
as loving gives you so much more.

You teach her patience - 'twas your way.
You never faltered, never fell.
Your hooves now guard another girl
But I am sure they guard her well.

I hope she cares for you in turn
and kind hands guide you home each night
as I below look up above
and search for you in starry flight.

And as you go, together, now
in passing time become her friend.
So long as she knows fully well
your services are just for lend.

And so, my boy, I give you strength
and send this wish to you - Godspeed.
For you are of the Heavens, now:
an angel, winged and fleet - God's steed.

Now take that angel girl in care,
but realize soon a day will be
when she no longer needs you there;
'tis then that you will carry me.

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