Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Girl and Her Horse
Written & Contributed By
Connor P. Lyons

A sunny day, a perfect day, all was sure, all was sweet. A girl was shown a horse to ride, not the prettiest, not the loveliest, no, not at all a gorgeous horse. The two looked into each other’s eyes, and spoke a silent word. Then, she neighed, and whinnied, excited, overwhelmed, the girl, she giggled and laughed, the two were destined friends.

The girl rode all that day, while the sun shone bright, ‘till the sun went down. They told each other their tales. The horse, an old family friend, the girl new, life not yet lived. “What brings you here?” asks the horse. “To ride with you, of course.”

The sun went down, the world went dark, the moon came out, the stars shone bright, the girl had to go, promising the horse she would come back the day after that to ride some. The horse nodded and neighed, a horse’s salute, the girl waved cheerfully goodbye, and was gone.

The rest of that summer the girl worked, trained, and played with her new friend horse. There were many tears, tears of laughter at the joy of speed, of riding together, tears from the pain of scrapes and bangs.

Autumn came, bringing forth biting winds and freezing rain, colorful leaves, and graying grass.  Then came winter, bring forth harsh winds, and frozen rain, blanketing the ground in soft snow, and creating silent nights.  Spring came again, bringing longer days, pleasant breezes, pink trees, and a happy sun.

Years went by, the girl grew older, the horse grew old, their love grew stronger. Another summer, the horse was old, the horse knew her time had come. She lay in the barn, as her friend, the girl, held her. It was okay, thought the horse, she was happy; she had lived a good life with her friend. The horse gave one last neigh and slipped away.

The girl was sad, but took comfort in the fond memories she and her horse had shared.  She went to sleep and dreamed. In the dream she saw her horse, the horse in youth and splendor. The horse had come back to thank the girl, for all the love and happiness spent together. The horse told her of how her life was improved from the years spent together, the girl said likewise, and together the two had one last ride together, the girl, and her horse, in a world of paradise, the horse’s new home.

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