Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Forever, I Promise
Written & Contributed By
Sarah Dyck

A wilted rose lies upon the ground,
With blurry eyes I stare at the rose and frown.
It hurts to see the rose neglected so, and dead.
And as I sit here and stare,
My mind starts to wander through the memories
I've come to dread.

They are simple things, things that used to make me smile.
But now that you're gone it hurts,
For it has been too long a while.
A sob escapes my chest, and once again I feel
the pressing loneliness.

For you were my best friend,
My mentor,
You were the other half of my soul.
And now here you lie beneath the snow and frozen earth,
alone, still, and cold.

Oh how I yearn to touch you,
to bury my face into your shoulder and cry.
Oh how I long to hug you and whisper quiet thoughts
into your eager ears.
But I can't, and that fact always brings me to tears.

Your youth was gone and your health so poor.
Your body aged with tired limbs so sore.
A final gift had I to share,
A quiet death with love and care.

I stayed with you until the end,
our last brave stand together.
But before I let you go I whispered
these last words into your ear,
like so many times before;
"S'ok my boy, it's time to go. Go wait up there for me,
and when it's my time you'll know.
And we will have forever, I promise..."
One final breath you took, and I knew that you were gone.
I didn't have to look.

And now here I am, sitting upon your grave.
Staring at the rose;
Crying over the battle that we just couldn't beat,
And I guess it finally dawned on me the minute
your eyes did close.
My brave, brave horse. My quiet friend.

"In memory of Mac

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