Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

For My Beautiful Looby Lou
Written & Contributed By
Natalie Bingham

No chestnut head over the stable door to greet me
No welcoming whinny meets my ears
Just an empty stable
Is all I can see through my tears.

The field you loved to graze in
Now suddenly seems so bare
It only seems like yesterday
That you were galloping about in there.

Our rides in the forest now seem
Like a distant memory
We'd often spend a few hours in there
Just you and me.

And then when we came back from our ride
I'd take off all your tack
You'd thank me by rubbing your chestnut face
Up and down my back.

Then before you went back in your field
For a carrot you would beg
You'd let me know you wanted one
By lifting your left foreleg.

And then in the evening
With your "pajamas" on and fed
I'd put my arms around your neck
And kiss your chestnut head.

But now as I stand here in your favourite place
With your ashes close to me
It's time to say my last farewell
As I set your spirit free.

I know one day we'll meet again
And once more I'll stroke your chestnut mane
It breaks my heart to say goodbye
But I know you're in no pain.

So goodbye my beautiful Looby Lou
Till we meet again once more
I'll see you again at Rainbow Bridge
And together our spirits will soar.

"Looby Lou went to Rainbow Bridge on August 4, 2006.
Much Loved, Sadly Missed, Never Forgotten."

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