Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

For Miss Scarlett
Written & Contributed By
Shannah M. Helman

Rest your head, my sweet old girl
And let your mind be clear,
Of all your doubt and all your pain
For having to leave me here.

The pain I'll face in losing you
Will be hard to overcome,
But understand that I'll make it through
My sweet, my treasured one.

I'll miss your deep and loving eyes
And the feel of your soft red fur
I'll miss the time I spent with you,
The wounds that only you could cure.

I'll never forget those summer nights
When it was only you and I,
And how we galloped under the moon
And counted all the stars in the sky.

Remember when I fell asleep
Upon your spotted back,
And when I awoke you turned your head
And looked as though you'd laugh.

I remember when I'd brush your long black tail
And complain that it was too thick,
But I'd give anything now to touch it
The feel of it was oh so slick.

You always took such good care of me
And I took such good care of you,
There was nothing that I wouldn't sacrifice
Not a thing I wouldn't do.

And though now my heart is breaking
As I think about your face,
I know that you are now relieved of pain
And sleep now in a better place.

And when I feel lost and so alone
And wish that you were here,
I'll close my eyes and breathe in deep
Knowing that you are near.

Remember this, my Baby Girl
That no matter what I do,
I will always care, I will never forget
And I will always, ALWAYS love you.

"Dedicated in memory of Miss Scarlett
who passed into the night on May 12, 2004."

Miss Scarlett's Memorial Tribute

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