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Empty Days
Shirley Cruickshank

Just going through the motions, surviving day by day,
Nothing holds much meaning now he has gone away.
Confusion, anger, sorrow, are just some things you feel
The hands of time are ticking, and they tell you time will heal.

You wonder why this had to be, why fate was so unkind,
Was there anything you could have done, but nothing springs to mind.
Was it really only yesterday you had to let him go?
It seems a million years ago, and how you miss him so.

You can't look in the stable, it's cold and empty now.
The pails and rugs all neatly stacked look out of place somehow.
You expect to hear him whinny as you walk towards his door.
You long to see his handsome face, but you can't any more.

You know you gave him all the love that you had there to give.
Ben knew that he could never have a better place to live.
That doesn't mend your breaking heart, or stem the tears that flow.
But some day it will help you, I've been there, and I know.

Written for Iain and Louise Smith, following the loss of their beautiful, big, bay gelding, Ben, who was put to sleep on 16.2.02 after a long and very brave struggle.

Ben, now grazing where no shadows fall.

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