Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Beloved Teacher
Written & Contributed By
Kimberley Beldam

As I stand here, fighting tears,
I look back fondly, on all our years.
Hunter rounds, jumper rings, dressage tests,
Red ribbons, blue ribbons and all the rest.
Of pony parties, shows and bareback rides,
And now we stand, side by side,

I hold your nose and touch your fur,
Wishing I could somehow cure,
Your aches, your pains, your aging stride,
You’re still the same though, deep inside.
I’d know my dear friend anywhere,
Through years of patience, love and care.
Your eyes betray your age,
And so, it is so hard to gauge.
Has your time come? Are you ready now?
I’ll let you go, just show me how.
How to say goodbye to such a friend,
Who’ll leave a gap that just won’t mend.

Together we taught many girls and boys,
To some you were just one more toy,
To most you were a promise true,
To some a chance, a love that grew.
A glimpse of future loves and lives,
You sparked a fire that still thrives.
We taught little, big, both meek and brave.
Talented, hopeless, of you they still rave.
A generation learned upon your back,
You challenged some, gave some slack.
A gentle teacher, a steady hand.
And now it’s time to make a stand.
Show me how I’m to do this.
How to give you one last kiss.
You turn to tell me it’s okay,
You’re ready for your final day.
It’s me who’s not ready to let you go.
But you can tell, you already know.
You’ll be with me each and every day,
In my heart, you’ll always stay.
You’ll be under my wing, to teach each new charge,
Your memory with be there, your legacy large.
The future’s been left to those who’ve learned.
And so to your rest, a rest that you’ve earned.

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