Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Any Weather We're Together
Written & Contributed By
Becky Fragasse

There never, ever was a reason
We didn't ride in any season,
We rode in rain and cold and mud -
We'd go through heat and wind and crud.

For nineteen years, we'd both do this,
And when together - feeling bliss;
Driving to you in suspense,
You'd be waiting at the fence.

And when I'd find you grazing grass,
Your head raised up - came to me fast.
I'd always kiss and give you treats;

You'd follow me for more to eat!

Loving you was like a lust -
In me, was where you placed your trust;
Having you brought no regrets...

There's nothing I want to forget.

Friends and family, work and fun,
Knew they were second - YOU were One;
No horse or person that I knew

Could pleasure me more ways than you.

The empty hole that's in my heart
Is there because we're now apart -
To rub your face - your nose to kiss
Would help erase the life I miss.

"In Memory of Midnight Spirit of '76.

Spirit's Memorial Tribute

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