Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Written & Contributed By
Pamela Bolding

Do you know what it's like to touch velvet?
Soft, smooth and falls in one direction.
That's what Black Velvet was,
In every way perfection.
He danced the graceful art of dressage,
So shiny and illusive, like a mirage.

The music would sound,
And out he would bound,
So smooth was his gait,
We almost cleared the ground.
Touching heaven through the hooves of a horse,
Dancing and prancing, we were angels, of course.

Little did I know that shortly he'd be,
A real angel in heaven now waiting for me.
The stars twinkle and dance in the night sky,
As if to say, it's all right, don't cry.
I'm here in heaven, with my Maker, I'm free,
Just passing the time, till you're here with me.

"Dedicated to my AngelHorse,
Mr. Joe Clark/Black Velvet."

Mr. Joe Clark's Memorial Tribute

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