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Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

A Tribute To Darcy
Written & Contributed By
Nikki Overton

To Our Darling Darcy,

Now we just have pictures, to remember what we've lost,
Every day we have to deal with losing you and what it has cost.

We'll no longer see your handsome face,
Nor will we hear your sweet whickers in the dark,

I can't fathom how we'll cope without you,
Or survive without your loving spark,

Sensible and saintly, always kind,
I close my eyes and can always find you waiting for me
in the recesses of my mind,

We were blessed to have you, even though the time was short,
You were one in a million, my love, the best sort.

So my friend, I'll bid you farewell - I know we'll meet again,
I'll see you standing on the bridge and know I'm home again.

RIP Darcy
18th April 1991 - 02nd April 2008

Darcy's Memorial Tribute

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