Hoofbeats In Heaven

In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

A Horse's Plea
Written & Contributed By
Armin Wagner

Take care of me and give me feed,

also water. it’s a daily need .

After work is done and day is by,

provide sheltered bed with straw from rye.

Do talk to me, use not the reins,

be kind, my willingness remains -

is upward hard the path and hill,

hard shall I step with iron will

it’s love to you  - that’s what I feel,

when voice is used - not spur and heel.

Be always kind with helping hand,

don’t hit me till I understand.

Make sure to show me - give me time,

till I have learned the lessons mine.

Be sure, well fitted is my tack,

not to injure mouth and back.

Trim teeth and hoofs brake not my tail,

that hurts so bad and makes me frail.

My tail and mane is what it takes -

to beet the flies and chase with shakes.

Not more or less is what I ask --

except be brave for final task.

Don’t let me starve - turn out me not,

find in the field my favorite spot,

then send me off - merciful and still.

stay there with me - it’s my final will.

When then I stride through meadows high,

my love remains -  I solemn  sigh !

Remember him - the Lord above.

born in a stall - though full with love.

For Arak

December 26, 2012

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