He's Got Wings


Appendix Quarter horse

24 years old
March 18, 1982 - November 9, 2006

The first time that I saw my horse, Wings, he was just 2 days old. I had been leasing his mother for 3 years and then the stable owners decided to breed her. I was just 13 when Wings was born.

A few days after Wing's birth, I found out that he was to be my first horse. I halter broke him and taught him tricks like bowing, saying "yes" and "no" and counting and smiling. I was the first and last person to ride him. Occasionally my friends would try to ride him, but he was such a one-person horse that he would just stand there and look at me as if to say, "Hey, that's not you up there, so I am not doing anything." I had to teach him to let other people ride him.

Wings was always the barn clown and used to like to untie horses tied up at the hitching rail around him. He used to unlatch his neighbor's stall door and let Ever Ready out on a regular basis. Wings even used to jump the jumps in the ring when he was turned out to play just for the heck of it. He had a heart of gold and always did whatever I asked him no matter what. One day I was goofing around and I put my hands up Wing's neck and told him "jump" and he did; up onto a 3 foot retaining wall next to the riding ring!!!! He was only 4 when he did that and had just started jumping with me on him. The only way down was to leap off the ledge and that's what we did. Wings was fearless and I think he used to like to see what new adventure his teenage owner would come up with next.

I showed him in Hunters for years and I can honestly say that he never stopped at a fence, not ever. He let me know when it was time to retire him from jumping. After that we used to take long trail rides. My mom also started riding him. I kept him at a busy hunter/jumper barn so that he would not miss any of the action that he loved so much. I bought new horses here and there so I could keep showing. Wings was friends with them and used to enjoy turn- outs with my other horses.

Wings was my partner in crime for 24 years until the other day, November 9, 2006, when I had to let him go. We taught each other a lot. He seemed to know that he was my horse and never let me forget it. He was so easy-going around me, but he gave other people hell. He was never mean, just really mischievious. I think that he was just a one-person horse, although he never actually knew that he was a horse. I know that he did not understand what was happening. He had developed arthritis in his stifle joints and it was getting more and more painful for him to get up. The other day we had to help him get up and the vet was already preparing me for the worst. I never thought that he would go downhill so fast and thought that because he was still fat and sassy and loved to run and buck that it would be a few more years before he would have trouble with the arthritis. I guess all the struggling the one day made him so sore that even with help he just could not do it again. I sat with him and explained that I had to let him go. I fed him carrots and lay with him just like I used to do when he was a colt. I did not tell him goodbye and just told him, "See you later".

Wings had just started teaching my 1 1/2 year old son how to ride when he died. I know that even my son misses him and does not understand why we have not been to the barn to ride his horse in the past few days. We were not ready to let Wings go yet.

Message to Wings

Wings, you are irreplaceable. No other horse will ever take your place in my heart. You are definitely one of a kind and I have never seen another horse with so much heart and honesty.

See you later, Wings. This is not goodbye. For now, have fun playing in the fields in Heaven and try not to miss me too much. I hope that you make a lot of friends. I know that you will because you are so kind and playful and forever the clown. I am just glad that you are young again.

I will be with you some day and we can have new adventures.

See you later, Wings...

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