3/4 Arabian mare

April 7, 1983 - March 8, 2007

Wind died last night from a massive colic impaction. She came up with symptoms on Wednesday afternoon. I called a vet immediately, and the vet treated her. All looked good and promising. The following morning, Wind was still showing the same symptoms of laying down and no interest in eating. The vet came back in late morning to check her. Wind's condition had gotten worse. Some horses can take up to 24 hours to pass the oil that was used to treat her. The vet returned at 5:00. Wind's condition had gotten even worse and was declared terminal. The pain medication she was on was no longer keeping her comfortable. Her intestines had ruptured. The oil treatment had not helped her. The vet thinks she had a stone lodged in her intestines that had been gradually growing inside her from our hard water that we have in Southern California.

We didn't want Wind to suffer any more. She had been so incredibly brave throughout this ordeal. We put her to sleep. She would have been 24 on April 7. Bill buried her in our arena. I hope and pray that she is in horse heaven with rolling hills, green grass, and her mother, April.

Wind has been my "baby" since she was conceived inside her mother, my former horse, April, who I had bred because I wanted to raise a colt or filly. She was born on April 7, 1983 up north in Arcata, CA where I attended Humboldt State. This was the most exciting and happiest moment of my life. I was able to watch her birth and we bonded instantly. I handled her and loved her every day from the day she was born until the day she died, which lasted for only 24 years. She should have lived into her 30's. I can't imagine what life will be like without her. She was an amazing trail horse, and my twin daughters had been riding her in gymkhana and on trails.

She will be so missed by me, my family, and by Wind's horse family. She was the heart of our little herd. She is survived by her son, Storm, age 11, her beloved friend, Tachi, age 32 (who is blind and frail), and Tachi's son, Chance, age 11.  Wind had been Tachi's companion all of her life. Tachi wasn't supposed to outlive Wind. All three horses have been whinnying for her all day. I love Wind with all my heart and soul and will never bond with another horse as I was bonded to her since her birth.

My grief is immeasurable and permanent. I can't bear the thought of going out to feed the horses because I won't hear Wind's high pitched whinny or see her beautiful face with her perfect white blaze. She didn't deserve to die like this. She wasn't old enough and still had so much purpose in life being my beloved pet, a trail horse for myself and my kids, a blue ribbon gymkhana horse, and the lead alpha mare of our little horse herd. She had so much spirit and so much to give. She gave me joy, love, and contentment all of her life.

Goodbye, Wind. God bless you for eternity.


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