The picture above was taken on Thanksgiving, November 25, 2010, our last picture together.

Eyespy a Quizzical Look on Misty Delumpy Ones Zipper!
7 years old
March 20, 2003 - November 26, 2010

I always dreamed of a horse. The horse that could do everything, but everyone told me I might have to settle with just the jumper or just the trail horse. They were wrong.

When I went looking for a horse I really didn’t know what I was looking for; make sure the horse has good conformation, is sound, works well. Then I found you on April 4, 2010.  A horse that looked like a filly, and I said to my friend, “I can’t ride her, I’ll break her. She has horrible ground manners.”  But I did ride you. I do have to admit I went and looked and rode another horse that day, and it was a decision who did I love most, you or her. Obviously I picked you, and the next day I knew I had made the right decision. How do I know? You broke my zipper on my brand new coat; you made me fall in love.

A week later I brought you home and you saw other horses. You went crazy, not paying attention to me and running me over while I picked out your feet. Giving me a black eye, but I still was crazy about you.

A month later and we had grown inseparable, you still had bad habits and pushed me around, but we were working.

Three months later (July 25th) and you gave me a first place ribbon. We jumped 2’6” in a clear round!

August we went to a horse camp together and did so many new things. Like when we went  swimming, one of your not so favorable activities, but I held on to your withers as you got out of the water, all the same it was fun. But unfortunately you couldn’t be worked for the entire time because you got some type of bump on your back.

Then we came home with no bump and started practicing for our last show. This ended up being a disaster, but I’m not blaming you. Really, why would you set up a blow up bounce house for kids next to the warm up arena?

And the bump came back and stayed. No more saddle, but yes we went riding. You let me experience bareback on a whole new level. Jumping, snow gallops, sliding of the neck and butt and long trail rides.

When the snow became too deep to ride in, I trained you to ground drive. Maybe you loved it because you could lead the way, but I am going to think it’s because I told you all my secrets and the latest 11th grade drama!

And then I didn’t listen to you, I went too fast. After two weeks of training going so well, I attached the sled. It was going fine, you dragged me in the sled and we went up the hill behind the barn, but then you took off and ran...to the highway. I made a decision that I will forever remember.

Although I wish a lot of things could have gone differently on November 26, 2010, I wouldn’t change a thing from April 5 - November 25. The short time you came into my life it changed it without even knowing. Giving me the best summer I could imagine. You were the pony everyone said I couldn’t have, but you had it all and you were mine.

Wherever you are now I know you're becoming fat but not foundering. You’re eating grain and sweet, sweet clover. You are beating everyone in races. You’re jumping higher than imaginable and meeting old companions. I’ll see you one day.


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