Thoroughbred cross mare

Died January 8, 2006

26 years old

My parents said to me when I was about ten years old, "Do you want riding lessons so that you can have a horse?". What child would say no. The following week I was booked into my local riding school for weekly lessons and as many days during the holidays.

A year later my parents found an ad in the local paper for a chestnut thoroughbred mare. They took me along and I fell in love with you, you had such a beautiful face. We were both eleven years old. I was so excited when you arrived, you weren't in fantastic condition, but there was just something about you. Looking back I think perhaps you were too much for an eleven year old. I was so determined though. The problem I had was that you were brilliant on the way out on a ride, but you point blank refused to walk home. I soon learned that there was no point in fighting with you, you wanted to jog, so that was what we were going to do.

I stuck by you even though I had plenty of people telling my parents you weren't suitable. You stuck by me. You see, in the early years, I did not know a lot and I know there were times when we had our struggles.

You used to love to gallop, whenever there was a patch of grass, you used to bounce on the spot in excitement. I used to call them your tigger bumps, when we did run you flew like the wind, your ears would remain pricked.

For all your faults in those early years, problem with the farrier (this continued throughout your life), problems with loading, the rearing (many a lead rope broken) I grew to love you. You used to take polos from my mouth, admitedly it meant me getting all grassy and slobbered on, but it was our party trick, you never bit me, you used to feel for it with your soft lips, the hair there was like silk.

I used to whisper things in your ears when I was happy. When I was sad you used to lower your head so I could do so. You were a great friend, my best friend. It has brought tears to my eyes writing this because you meant so much to me and I have spent the last two years trying not to think about you. You do not deserve that, you may not have been everybodys' cup of tea to ride, but everyone loved you around the stable as you were an angel to look after.

The photo above is one of you with my mum, quite poignant really as mum was always too scared to hold you and you both have been caught just right. I am glad as this was in your last year. It is fitting for this piece.

I love you with all my heart, always and forever.


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