Owned for 14 years

Age 26 years
Born 4 October 1977 - Put to sleep 19 January 2004

In Beloved Memory Of My Beautiful Horse, Polly

Polly, my angel, I was 14 years old when I got you and after school we went to see you in Leedstown and to decide if we were going to buy you. You stood by the field gate and looked at us as we approached. i was allowed to ride you to see what it was like and again if we wanted to buy you, but my mind was already made up.

You bucked slightly as I got on you, but calmed down and the ride and bond already felt special. When asked if I wanted you, the answer did not hesitate on my lips and sold you were to me. You joined my little pony, Fleur, and it was love at first sight. You became inseparable, but our bond continued to grow and you were amazing.

It was decided that you were to be trained to drive and for 6 weeks we were parted. It was a long 6 weeks and upon your return I felt complete again. You loved driving and felt very proud pulling the governess cart, ears pricked, happy and strong, and your little friend Fleur was ridden behind.

We hacked out on long rides, me talking the whole time and you listening. I felt you listened and heard, we shared secrets and joys, life and loves.

The bond we shared was wonderful and I loved you uncontrollably. Now you have been called to heaven to join the herd there and, my beautiful girl, I miss you every day of my life.

I remember when the vet arrived and said that you had had a stroke. Although physically you were fine, the stroke had made you mentally poorly and it happened so fast and in the blink of an eye I lost you.

I lay beside you and you knew who I was, your mum, and I said the hardest goodbye of my life. I knew that I had to let you go, my heart was broken, but for you I would do anything and I knew that this was the last thing and kindest that I could do for a horse that had brought love, joy, support and most of all, a true friendship to my life.

I missed you every day of my life and even 2 years on, the pain is still hard, and I find it hard to look at pictures of us together.

Daniel arrived when you were 20 and you taught him well and would be proud of him today. He had grown and riding out on his own and has reached 17hh. You were as with me, an inspiration on him. It was in your soft, gentle nature, he has become a little star and that is partly due to you and your kind nature towards him. He was only two and a half, but you guided him and helped him grow strong and able. He misses you and so does Fleur.

I will never get over losing you, Arnie (as we nicked named you) run free, and one day we will meet again, my beautiful piebald angel. Rest in peace and remember how special you are and always in my heart and thoughts wherever I am. You are one in a million, your equine friends you left behind have helped to ease the pain knowing that they had the joy of knowing you too and knew that when God made you, he was making a diamond that was priceless.

All my love now and always. See you one day again to hug and run free together once more and bond as we did in life.

Your Mum,
Cherie Mitchell

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