TB cross mare
22 years old
Died 18th of August 2012

I will never forget our journey together; you have truly left a hoof print on my heart.

Our journey began when I swapped another mare for you.  You were small and I wondered if you were strong enough to trek the steep terrain I loved. You proved me so wrong.  Every trek we went on you outwalked every horse.  You reminded me of road runner, small fast steps, head held high.  You made me ride.  There was no sitting on you.  You were an alpha mare of that I have no doubt.  I vowed I would never get another mare.  You showed me that although mares can work very hard against you, once you develop a relationship with an alpha mare no horse will ever try as hard for you.  You gave me 200% every time.  You never let anyone take your food and you had to know what was going on at all times.  It must have been exhausting.  I would despair sometimes at the trenches you ploughed fence walking when we took your herd members away.  I would give anything to have you wearing a trench in my paddock today.

In the 14 years we had together you were never lame and only saw the vet for your teeth.  I would love to have put you in foal; you would have been a fantastic mom.  Whenever there was a boy in sight you managed to be in season within minutes.  I am still stunned at your passing.  I cannot believe that Friday night we were looking at clinical colic.   Then Saturday we celebrated pooh, thinking we were in the clear.  Then you collapsed.  I knew then we were in trouble.  Eventually with your help we propped you up with a hay bale and I sat with your head in my lap.  I scratched your forelock and you leaned into me.  I held you and cried.  You rallied and got to your feet just before the vet arrived.  I had hope.  Then after that examination to hear that you had tumors in your large intestine.  I knew we were at the end.  I wanted to hold onto you but I knew you were in pain.  You let it show for the first time in your life, it must have been bad.  I asked the vet to help you.  I told you I loved you and I said I will see you on the other side.

My brave little alpha mare.  So bossy and assertive.  So bold and intense.  Spooky at times but always keeping me safe.  I will always remember how gentle you were when I got on you in plaster with a broken ankle.  It was the only time you did not shy, that was until you thought I was well enough to handle it.  So sensitive.   You used to rattle your bit like crazy sometimes.  I have never seen another horse do that, it always made me laugh.

Minty and I will miss you.  I hope you will be reunited with Bobby, KT and Bee. You have left a huge hole in our lives. I was blessed to have had 14 years with you.   See you on the other side my Pip Squeak. 


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