I waited 30 years to get my first horse. Which was a Palomino Quarter Horse. I sold her because she was "too much" for me as a beginner horse owner. Then I got "Pete", the first day I saw him, I fell in love with him. So big, so much But I knew I waited so long to have the "dream" horse, so I bought him in 2000. I boarded him for the first 3 years to learn more and what a great experience to do this. I felt so comfortable around him, I think he knew I was a "beginner" and he was so gentle around me. He would whinney when he heard me, he would become my best friend at that point!

Well, the day I brought him home, I of course had to have another horse to keep him company. We were given an old gelding that was to be used as a companion horse. They became the best of friends. Sometimes Pete would push Smarty around to have fun, but they were pals. In the first year I had Pete at home, he got some scrapes and scratches on branches, so I was up cutting branches and such. But I was so glad to have him home. He was my sunshine when it was cloudy! No matter what kinda day I was having, he was there with his unconditional love that just put a smile on your face!

In this last year, I had taught him to bow and it was funny, because he knew when I had a treat in my pocket and he would follow me around, stopped when I stopped, backed when I backed and bowed when I would say it...I bet if I had more time...he would have sat for that treat! Hahahaha! We got a mare paint to replace Smarty so others could ride. I am not very fond of mares, but I bought her because she too caught my eye.

I lost Pete to colic on March 8, 2006. I miss him soooooo much! I miss the whinneying when I walk outside in the morning, I miss the hugs with him, I miss him resting his head on my shoulder, I miss the fact that when I come out to grain him...he knows to move over when I have to get by, just the little things that we take for granted when they are here....I miss his smell!

I know he is running free and someday I will see him again. I feel that the Lord has put horses on earth to show us a glimpse of the beauty of Heaven! May the Lord know that I thank him every day for the time I had with Pete and that I too will be running free with him someday!

Thank you for such a wonderful website! This helps so much with the grieving process!

Remember to Hug your Horse!

Kathy  :-)

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