Angel's Lucky Penny


1 month old

Sweet Penny did not live long on this earth, but she made quite an impact. I am not sure if it is the cruelty or conceit of humans that would make a person breed a horse then choose not to feed her.

Penny's mama came to me just 2 short months before Penny was born. She had not had a lot of good meals and did not even look as though she was carrying a precious life inside her. By the time Penny was born on a hot May day, her mama had all her ribs covered and was not looking the shadow of her former self. I remember my first view of Penny, so skinny and all legs. She had such a long head and was colored so that if her ears were longer, would have sworn I had just had a mule. It was love at first sight! She had a look that you just wanted to grab her up and give her a hug. I laughed so hard watching her run on wobbly legs beside her mom.

By the next morning, when the vet was due to arrive, you could see such a drastic change, it brought tears to my eyes. When the vet arrived and did the blood test, he informed me she was going to need plasma and was going to need time at the vet. He would send a trailer to get them both. In the short time it took to get the trailer to my house, she began to fade and I milked the mare and would feed her out of a bottle just to keep her alive. She was so weak but so strong at the same time.  She fought with everything she had and made it though her first painful days.  We would sit in the stall with her and her mother and watch as she would slowly came to life.

I was due to leave the country the day after she got to come home from the vet but that day will forever live in my memory. It had been so hot and so dry for so many days, but as we started to get her out of the trailer at home, the skies opened and the cool rain fell. All present felt as if it was a small celebration of her life. This was felt even more because no rain fell a mere mile from my pasture.

She seemed to be doing so well and my husband and best friend were forever emailing pictures. My best friend even went out and got her first little hot pink halter.  I would get so exited to see her hips round out and legs getting stronger. Then one morning my husband called with news I had never wanted to hear. The baby had crashed and now mama was not even feeding her. He tried so hard to milk the mare and bottle-feed the baby and even got her eating some grain. My daughter even pitched in and made sure she got feedings during the day. On her last day, my husband went to the barn and she was laying in the stall with almost no strength. She lifted her tiny head and took her last breath. It was as if she had waited for him to say good bye. My husband, the big strong cowboy, cried.

Penny's life was short, but she was loved, and now she has a big strong babysitter, my older horse Bonz, to take care of her.  Run happy, sweet little Penny.

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