June 2, 2001 - July 3, 2008

Magic was a blessing. We tried for several years to get a foal out of my thoroughbred mare. The first time we bred her, something happened and she aborted the foal. The second time, she had twins. We pinched one off, but she also ended up aborting the second baby. Third times a charm, right? Wrong, she twined again. We pinched one off and she carried the foals to term. Yes, that's right, foals! She originally actually had triplets, but one of the babies was hidden behind the other so that it could not be seen on the ultrasound. When she went into labor, there were two different sets of legs trying to emerge. We had to rush her to Cornell University to their clinic so that they could remove the two foals. After that, we debated whether or not we wanted to risk breeding my mare back. A few years went by and we decided that if we were going to have a baby that my mom wanted a western pleasure paint. We bred my mare to Lucky Two Straws, a homozygous paint and on June 2, 2001, Magic finally was born. I chose the name Magic as it was truly a magical experience that we were finally able to have a foal.

Magic was my best friend. Her death was somewhat unexpected, but I knew it was the right decision. A week ago she stepped on a nail. The unfortunate part of this was that it entered the navicular bone. Our vet tried to treat her by opening up the foot, putting her on antibiotics, stall rest, and keeping her foot wrapped to prevent further infection. After six days, she still was not weight-bearing on her foot. Our vet then suggested that we take her to Cornell so that they could take x-rays and operate if necessary. If the nail entered only the sole of her foot, or if it hit the coffin bone, the prognosis would have been much better. As the navicular bone is one of the main structures in the foot, the nail ended up causing a lot of damage. Synovial fluid was leaking out of her foot and there was an infection forming. If we chose to operate, she had a 50/50 chance of survival. At best she would be a pasture mate as the scar tissue that would have been present from the surgery would have ended her show career, there would have been a 12 month recovery period, and it was going to cost $5000-$7000 just to determine if they were able to correct her problem. With such uncertainty, I really had no other choice. This was the hardest decision that I have ever had to make, but in some respects it was the easiest decision because she is now in less pain and free to enjoy herself.

Magic's life was just beginning. I broke her as a three year old, then sent her to a trainer to do the finishing touches. This baby that was supposed to be a western pleasure horse was far from it. She had her daddy's color and her mother's personality. She was an awesome mover and my goal was to take her to dressage shows and possibly some hunter shows. We were just learning to jump and she absolutely loved it. Except for the hay bales that she crow-hopped over and ended up making me fall off. When she trotted, it was like she was floating in air. I will never forget how proud she made me when I won the junior horse class out of 6 horses, which was the first class she ever went in.

She also had a personality of her own. She was always willing to please, but she had a stubborn side as well. Many times, I found myself in a battle trying to determine who actually the boss was. I normally would win, but she always had to test my limits. I will never forget the sparkle in your eyes or how you always searched my pockets for treats. Peppermints were always your favorite.

If I could only give you one last hug or kiss your muzzle one more time. What I would do to have one more ride with you. Magic, you were my best friend. I miss you dearly and will never forget the time that we spent together. I hope that you are enjoying your freedom and that you are free from any pain. One day, we will again be together. There will always be a special place in my heart for you. Until we meet again...I love you and, Magic, you will never be forgotten!


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