Morgan/Quarter Horse

29 years old

Died March 22, 2014 to be with the herd above!!!

Kodiac, it is with a heavy heart I write this well-deserved memorial tribute to you.   In the beginning…"Why, you must buy him. Look at his eyes! He's chosen you." And so we did. That was the beginning of 12 years of adventures. Kodiac might not have been the prettiest horse just another sorrel you might think, but he was the horse of a lifetime! 

I knew the day would eventually come where you'd be with me only in spirit, although I never wanted to believe it really would. So, Kodiac, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how much joy you have brought to my life. Thanks for the years, thanks for the memories, and most of all, thank you for being my friend. 

I would like to memorialize my horse, Kodiak. He was by far the most beautiful horse I had ever seen when I laid eyes on him. His mane reached down to his shoulder and flowed and tangled into dreadlocks in the Pueblo West wind. lol

Remembering the most faithful friend I could ever ask for. He was the best friend and teacher I could have ever had. For that, I cannot be thankful enough.  I want to thank him so very much for the wonderful years we spent together. He was a dream come true, I couldn't have asked for better. He helped me achieve my dreams and aspirations, without him, they never would have happened. 

He taught my clients to canter, gallop and most importantly feel safe. He was so amazing with little children on his back. Thank you, my precious boy for all the love you gave us and all the championships you won us!!! We rode the trails endlessly together: flying through thunderstorms and the crazy PW winds, even when my clients felt hopelessly lost, (which was often!) they would lay the reins down on his neck, and he would get us home without a hitch. We led trail rides for endless groups of customers, did pony rides for little ones, marched in parades, showed up for birthday party rides and all our camping trips- I can’t forget... He kept his herd humble, won us endless ribbons and buckles; he even modeled in many photo shots! Lol But I'm happy I have those memories and pictures to last a lifetime. 

The majority of my little kid clients always picked a favorite horse, and made a "claim". They often stuck with Kodiac to ride or groom. It meant so much more to them if they could ride "their horse". Lol He was always a gentle soul with the kids. He ALWAYS focused on doing "his job" on the rides. He was good about kids running up to him with excitement, kids riding backwards or standing up on his back pad or snuggling up to him. He taught so many kids and adults how to ride. I can with sincerity declare that they all have loved and been loved by one of God's most wonderful creations. Thank you for being safe. Thank you for being a perfect gentleman to them all. Trail rides will never be the same without you as our leader of the pack!! 

Thank you for being a blast to ride and so sure footed. Thank you for having the most comfortable gaits, for teaching me to ride without my hands and legs. Thank you for coming when I called, for sharing my treats with me on the rides, for licking my fingers clean, for giving the sweetest kisses, for your perfect nose and hooves, for letting me style your long forelock and play “pony can’t see,” for putting Santa hats and reindeer ears and bandanna on you, for tolerating my horrendous singing, for letting me double upon your back, for following me around, for climbing in the black tub and splashing all the water out with your front legs, for loving all the treats I gave you, for letting me fling blankets over so that we could all stay warm on cold rides, for never standing still in a line at the shows, for nickering so loud that I had to cover my ears, for letting me lean over your neck and hug you after a ride and for never hurting me. Kodiac, thank you for all my beautiful memories!!!!
I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a wonderful gelding to love, and love us back along with all my clients. I loved him with the fierce, protective love of a mother and the blind adoration of a child. He brought us so much love, joy and happiness, our world will never be the same! He had such a powerful physic and qait that was smooth as peanut butter. He gave me so much, thank you for all the love, pride and joy you brought to my life. I have wonderful memories of you that I will hold close & treasure forever.
It eases my heart knowing that you are pain free and happy in God's stable. May you rest in peace in the big paddock in the sky. Until we meet again, my beautiful. He was the light of my life and I will miss him every day; perhaps every instant for the rest of my life, but never forget to be grateful for the absolute miracle that he was in our lives. This beautiful Quarter/Morgan horse that came to us with his lessons of magic and joy, courage and love was such a wonderful horse who enchanted all who ever knew him. Kodiac, you are irreplaceable. No other horse will ever take your place in my heart. 

And so In the end…I had to say goodbye to my best friend. Healing will be slow, as we all will miss him terribly. He will always hold a very special one of a kind place in my heart & mind. My grief is immeasurable and permanent. I can't bear the thought of going out to feed the horses and not seeing him pacing the fence with head and ears perked up but it is those kind of memories that will make smile each time I pass through the gate. I can still feel his breath on my face as we said our final goodbyes. He leaves behind not only us, but the other 3 horses (General Lee, Breeze and Tiki). I'm so blessed to have been given the honor to own such a honest, sociable, strong and reliable horse. See you later, Mr. Perfect. This is not goodbye. Have fun playing in the fields in Heaven. I will be with you some day and we can have new adventures.

I love ya, buddy. We shall ride together in the heavens eternally. 

Xoxo Drea, family, and clients

Video tribute 2014

One year later a video tribute of us 2015

P.S. I know wherever you are; you are cantering in the left lead. Cause nothing made you want to change to the right.

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