Registered Arabian gelding
26 years old
February 8, 1995 - August 20, 2011

‘My Only Sunshine’…yesterday marked two years you left this planet.  I miss you as much now as the day I kissed you goodbye and sang you that song for the last time.  
I have not written about you yet as I can’t seem to get through the overwhelming reality of your absence and the deep, deep sadness.  But today I feel I somehow owe you the effort to write about what an amazing being you were.  I hope it helps with the healing process.  I know you always gave me your best, so it is for you that I begin.
You were my “once in a lifetime” horse.  I am blessed to have had 15 years with you, but it still seemed too short.  I cannot thank you enough for the days you gave me and I am humbled you trusted me with your care.  I believe you knew how much I loved you and you let that make up for my humanness and silly mistakes over the years.
You were my best friend. You taught me so much about who I am as a person and challenged me to grow.  I am a better horsewoman and individual because of you.  Your high spirit was tempered with intelligence and wisdom.  You were powerful, athletic and handsome.  You were so in tune with your body and the environment.  You were so beautiful to watch and ride.  I am sure your grandfather, Khemosabi(one of the greatest Arabian stallions in the world) was proud, for you embodied all the great traits he was known for world wide.
We had so many adventures and wonderful experiences!  When I look at pictures, I realize you saw so many beautiful places and had many herds.  You were always the Alpha but still a wonderful “big brother” to our mare, Amber.  The bond you had with our gelding, Topper, was beyond words.  You were brothers, through and through. My family grew to love you just as I did and you were so good to them.  You seemed to “get us” humans. You were insightful and discerning. You could be such a handful for me one minute and a gentle giant for one of the children or my husband the next.  
You were so stoic and I can only pray your suffering was brief.  I was shocked to see how far the cancer had spread through your body because you only showed symptoms of something wrong in the last month your life.  Maybe in your wisdom you knew that if I had known early on, I would have insisted on numerous futile treatments and/or drugs.  You being you, probably preferred letting God be in charge of your life with no regrets and no fear.  I know you knew I would have done anything to save you.
Jah-shy Boy, you have visited my daughter in her dreams and told her you are well.  You told her to tell me it was time for you to go…that I would be okay.  I promise I will try to begin taking comfort in this and the many other signs of a Divine plan.  I want to make you proud now.  In the meantime, Topper (your four-legged best friend) and I will continue to look for you everywhere and take refuge in the fact that we will all be together again someday.  Jah-Shukran, habibi.


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