Surokhan x Silesk

March 17, 1993 - November 2, 2004

In Loving Memory of Khansil

Khansil was my beautiful grey arab gelding...not just that..he was my best friend, my support rock, my horse soulmate. He was only 11 years old when he went into his eternal sleep after falling on the ice on his way into the barn and shattering his front right leg near the shoulder. He died in my arms as our vet gave him that one last shot.

Khansil (aka Shmans or Shmansil) came into my life at the age of 6 as a feisty boy who I fell in love with the second I set eyes on him. I just wanted to make a list of some of my favorite memories of him and hopefully to be able to smile for a day instead of all this crying.

I love the way you nickered at me the second you saw me coming, or whinnied if I was far away.

I love the way you would lick me on the face to show how much you cared.

I love the way you would give me attitude outside the show ring but would be all business the second you entered that ring.

I love the way you would go over anything, around anything, under anything no matter how scary when I was on your back.

I love the way you would scratch my back and ruffle my hair with your lips when I would pick out your feet.

I love the way you would lower your head for me to clip your bridlepath as well as stand perfectly still for hours while I body clipped you.

I love the way you were able to drink juice out of a straw.

I love that you would drink out of the hose when I would give you a bath and step on the hose ever so slightly so when I tried to figure out what was wrong it would spray me.

I love the way you would take the bit in your mouth every time without a fuss.

I love how your lip would flop and your eyes droop when I would scratch you above your eye and behind your ears.

I love the way you would love to have your face brushed.

I love the way you would gallop your hardest in a field when you knew I just wanted to escape from everything.

I love how you would open your stall door, just to show that you could, but would never step foot outside that stall.

I love the way you would lay down to sleep and let me lean on you to rest too.

I love that you would slow down or stop if you thought I was losing my balance and if I did ever come off you would immediately stop and stand by my side until I got on again.

I love the way you would lip my nose and give me kisses when you knew I was upset and then let me cry in your mane.

I love that you loved to have your tail braided.

I love that you would jump the moon if I asked, no jump too high, although some a little scary, you would always go over with some encouragement.

I love the way you were so gentle taking treats from me, with baby bites and gentle lips.

I love the way you arched your neck and snorted, with tail held high at things you see all the time like pylons and piles of poop in the arena just to add a little excitement to our ride.

I love the way you would side-step around water puddles and urine spots in the arena and in shows just so you didn't get your feet wet.

I love the way that no matter how many blankets you had on, you would always manage to get some manure or urine up on your back and all over your stomach at shows.

I love the way you would flehmen when I would put ultra horse makeup on your face.

I love how you would flip your tail and extend the trot when you won a class, as if to say "well who else would win".

I love how you would nicker when I got off you after a long training session, I know you were just glad to be done but I like to think you were just happy to see me.

I love how you would take baby steps and not spook at anything when Jeff was on your back.

I love that you would arch your neck and give me the "cute face" when you knew I had treats and if I didn't give them to you right away you would stick your lip in my pocket and help yourself.

I love that you would be a perfect angel doing everything I wanted and asked when I was having a bad day but would be a bundle of energy and a little devil when you knew I wanted a challenge.

I love the way you lipped my nose and looked me in the eyes with such love right before you were given that final shot.

I miss you so much Khansil, gallop the heavens with your head and your tail held high. You are more graceful and beautiful then you know. I love you so much!

Ashley Davidson

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