Passed February 21, 2011

The day I went to look at you, I looked at a few horses. You were only young, around four. You had just finished your carrier racing and my instructor was teaching you to jump by simply free-jumping you. When I saw you I knew you would be the one. My Mum and I decided to buy her and we took her home.

She had just recovered from a bowed tendon racing, so we gave you a few months rest. When you were sound I decided to get on you, no one had ridden you for over 18 months, but I trusted you. After that day, I rode you  every day and started to teach you to jump. We sent you to training and you came back amazing. You were going to be the one, the horse that would take each other to the top. You had amazing kick up over jumps and you were learning fast..

Time went past and we were starting to do competitions, you were going great. Everyone had faith in you becoming a very good horse. You were mine and my Fathers favourite horse. If I had to choose to keep one of my horses it would definitely be you. I had dreams of me and you jumping around the world and one day making it to the top. I remember the day when I sang "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars to you.

I was at a horse competition one day and you were at home with another horse. My Mother saw you and knew something was wrong, she called the vet and he came out. He said that you must have ran around and had a fall, he said you were going to be alright as he thought you just had muscle damage. When I went home and saw you I sat with you as long as I could with your head rested in my lap, talking to you, praying and hoping you would recover. It broke my heart to see my beautiful baby in pain.

You were starting to get better, walking drinking and eating. Then one day before I went to school you didn’t look very well. My mother decided to get the vet out for a check-up. That morning I kissed you and told you I love you no matter what. That whole day at school all I could think about was you, wondering, hoping that you would be ok. When I got in the car that afternoon I asked my Mum how she was, my mum started to cry and said she had to be put down. By that time you were gone, buried. I would never be able to see my beautiful princess again.

Words could not describe how much you meant to me and how much I truly loved you. I still miss you and forever will. When you left to heaven you took a piece of my heart with you. You were here for a second and then you were gone. I was the luckiest girl in the world to be able to own such an amazing horse as you and be able to call you mine, and the time I spent with you will be forever treasured. I love you Katie and forever will, you are my baby.

Rest In peace, my beautiful Katie.

I Love You,
Bec. Xx


This is a poem I wrote for Katie...

My silver princess, my shining star.
No longer can I see you, you're much too far.
When I hear your name I miss you more.
Sometimes I wish I could walk up to heaven’s door.
You had so much talent, and you made me smile too.
When you had to leave, you took a piece of me with you.
My heart broke in two when you left, and forever till we meet again,
it will be the same mess.
Now you run in heaven, like all the angels do, I hope you're well,
I hope you miss me too.
You are my favourite above the rest.
The day I realised how much I needed you, was the day you were put to rest. Sometimes I wish that you were still here, somewhere closer,
somewhere near.
Even though I can't rearrange the past, I wish I could.
For one last kiss, or even a goodbye.
You are my angel forever in the sky.

Dedicated to my amazing horse, Katie.

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