High Hopes
Spotted Belgian/TB cross mare
May 16, 1995 - December 5, 2012

My dearest friend, Hope.

There are no words that one can say, to take my heartache and pain away.
I loved you from the time we met, and so enjoyed the time we spent.
I cannot believe that you are gone, to leave me here to carry on.
I am so lost without you near, as losing you, always my greatest fear.
I hope you are happy where you are, and know that I am never far.
You are in my heart and in my soul, my love for your I hope you know.

Hope, you brought me so much love and joy to my life for 11 years.  You were the best friend and teacher I could have ever had.  For that, I cannot be thankful enough.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a wonderful mare to love, and love me back.  If wishes came true, you would be here with me now.

I loved all the things we went through together, from the time you were like, "Who are you?" and "What am I doing here?" To "Thank goodness I am here with you. I am so happy you are mine, and I am your horse."  We have been through a lot during the years, and there is not a single thing I would have changed. 

There was never a time when I was not happy to see you.  I loved just being with you, grooming, hugging, smelling your sweet smell, grazing and riding.  The kids miss you so very much, and they had so much fun bringing you carrots and horsey treats and watching you do your Hopey face!  Those times I will miss a lot.  I was happy and content just being your friend and being able to bring joy into your life for as long as you let me.  There were never too many treats to be given, never too many scratches, and never too many pictures to be taken.

Baby girl, I hope you know I would have done anything to save you and keep you with me.  But, I also know that I could not keep you in so much pain, and a very horrible recovery, if there was to be one.  I know how much you loved your food, and that is something I could not take away from you.  I hope someday you can forgive me and understand that is was because of my never ending love for you, that I had to let you go.  That was the greatest gift I could ever give to you, no more pain.  I love you so very much, but I could not keep you to make myself feel better.  I had to let you go.

I am trying so hard not to be sad, knowing you are in a Heaven where only the best are allowed in, where you can eat as much grass as you want, be pain free, and run free.  Just remember to listen for that day when you hear that special whistle, that it is me coming to be with you once again.  You will neigh and look at me like you have not seen me in ages, even when it was the next day, like you  always did, and I will wrap my arms around you, breathe you in, and we will ride off together like we were never apart.

I love you, Hope.  I thank you for all the days you were in my life and for how special you made me feel.  I am eternally grateful.  There is no love like a horse's love, for that I am convinced.  I will love you always, until we meet again, big girl.  Love you forever.

Mommy xxooxx

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