Wow. Its going on 2 years without feels like yesterday when i first met you. It was during one of my riding lessons, and the horse I usually ride was being ridden by someone else. So the lady suggested that I ride you. I was so excited when they brought you down to be tacked up, you were so handsome! I remember when I saw you, that I wanted you as my own. And after I rode you, oh man! I wanted you even more!! However, you were already owned by someone...but the owner said that they would lease you out to me! I was super-stoked!!

After about 5 or so months of leasing you, and riding you pretty much every day, your owner said that they were selling you! That broke my heart! I knew that my mom wouldn't buy you for me, and I knew that there were going to be people coming to look at you. I was so sad! Every time I rode you I always wondered if that ride would be our last ride together. But, wow, was I wrong!! My mom bought you for me for Christmas!!! I was the happiest person in the world!!

We've been through so much together, trail riding, racing our friends, you rearing up and running on your hind legs [while I'm riding you!] ranch moves, through good times and bad. Through it all, you were always there for me! You were my shoulder to cry on, the laugh I desperately needed, the smile on my face. Whenever I had something to say, you would just sit there and listen to me. I remember that you wouldn't let ANY guys near me! Every time a guy would come near me, you would pin your ears back at them and try your best to come between us and bite them! You were my baby boy, my crackers, my first love, my world.

My world was turned upside down in December of 2008. My mom got a call from the place where we boarded you, saying that we needed to see you because you weren't doing too well. I remember my mom waking me up to tell me that we had to go to you because you were in some way sick. The whole way over there my mom kept saying that you'd be okay, and everything's going to be alright. I didn't understand what was going on! You were perfectly fine a few days before, when my friends and I came to ride you. When we got there, you were just laying, sprawled out in the arena. I ran to you and placed your head in my lap. They had already called the vet and he was on his way. I tried to get you to stand up and get you walking around (that's what the ranch owner said we should do). You were reluctant at first, but stood up anyway because you knew that I wanted you to. The pain was too unbearable for you though, after walking a little, you layed back down in the sprawled out fashion. The vet arrived and told us that you had a tumor wrapped in you intestines, and that while surgery was an option, few horses actually lived through it. I looked up to my mom with a questioning look. She knew that he wouldn't make it through the surgery, and didn't want me holding on to hope that he would make it. When I saw her expression, I already knew the answer. My heart shattered. I knew that I really had no choice, I had to put you to sleep. The euthanizer would take you out of pain, and throw me into it

You left me too soon. I knew that one day I would have to let you go. I thought maybe in your mid-20s, but not at 14. I miss you, and I think of you every time I go ride my other horse, and your friend Dudley. You were supposed to go to college with me, baby boy, but now you're in Heaven somewhere playing beyond Rainbow Bridge. I know that one day, we will be reunited again, and we can run and play forever.

I will always love you!!

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