18 April 1991 - 02 April 2008

Dearest Darcy,

We think about you every day, my love. Our little family misses you so much. You left such a hole in our lives. I miss you too. No one compares to you, of course we love Mikey too. It was always the two of you together, you had such a connection.

We've had a baby since you left, but you already knew he was coming, didn't you? You were so gentle with me when I rode you up from the field, even though you were already ill by then, you looked after me.

When ridden you came alive, you were sparky and fast. You loved going out on the common and going for a gallop. You put your heart and soul into your work and enjoyed everything to the fullest. Sometimes you would get a bit silly, but you were always brave as a lion and surefooted. You looked after everyone who had the privilege to sit on you. Zach, our little boy, loved you. You and Mikey were his playmates from when he was young. He had grown up with you.

Near the end we noticed that you were struggling with your work, your poor heart was working so hard, but we didn't know, my love. I am so sorry that I didn't realize that you were poorly before we did. We came down to the stables one day and you were down in the stable. I looked into your eyes and you looked back at me and I knew that it was your time. You put your head in Rich's lap, your chest was filled with fluid and you struggled to breathe. The vet came, he took some blood. He said he knew that whatever was ailing you was very serious. He gave you a shot of pain relief to keep you comfortable and told us he would phone us with the results the next day. We had to call him back later on, you were down again. He came back and made you comfortable for the night and said that you had fluid on your lungs and that your heart was struggling too.

The next morning the vet came back, you wouldn't eat. He gave you another shot of painkiller and you started eating. We clung on to hope that we could fix you. He said to call for the results of the blood tests after 2pm. We did, and the bottom fell out of our world. You had congestive heart failure...no treatment was available, you were dying. Our hearts shattered into a million pieces.

The vets were great, they came out that evening and made you comfortable until we had to say goodbye the next morning. We didn't sleep that night, the dawn brought no comfort. We knew what we had to do, but it was for the best.

You went to sleep at 08.45 am on the 02 April 2008 with your beloved Mikey and us with you. I hope that you understand.

We love you, gorgeous boy. You will always be in our hearts.

RIP, Darcy

To Our Darling Darcy

Now we just have pictures to remember what we've lost,
Every day we have to deal with losing you and what it has cost.

We'll no longer see your handsome face,
Nor will we hear your sweet whickers in the dark.

I can't fathom how we'll cope without you,
Or survive without your loving spark.

Sensible and saintly, always kind,
I close my eyes and can always find you waiting for me in the recesses of my mind.

We were blessed to have you, even though the time was short,
You were one in a million, my love, the best sort.

So my friend, I'll bid you farewell - I know we'll meet again.
I'll see you standing on the bridge and know I'm home again.

Written By
Nikki Overton

Darcy. In a nutshell, you were my best friend in the world. We'd known each other for almost nine years and seen each other thing many times through thick and thin.

When I met you, you were an unruly thoroughbred driving your owners to distraction with your bad behaviour and naughty ways, but we quickly came to an understanding after we met. You weren't naughty. You weren't misbehaved. You were bored, waiting desperately for someone to come along and fill your life with something special and interesting. Luckily, it was exactly the same thing I had been looking for as well.

We spent our first years as distant friends at the behest of someone else, as you were not owned by me, but eventually you were mine and, to be truthful, I was yours. We did so many things together - we galloped through forests, we swam in rivers, we climbed hills, we explored new places, we pushed through hedges that had never been traversed before. We were a team. I trusted you with my life and I with yours. You'd have jumped the moon for me and I would have run into a burning stable to set you free. I don't know if I'll feel that trust in any horse (or anyone) again.

What we had was so special. I feel that something inside me has died with you but I'm not sure what. I don't believe in the afterlife, but you have given me hope that it does exist so that I might see you one last time. I would do anything to have you back and I miss you so badly. I hope that wherever you are that you're happy and you understand my decision to have you put to sleep. I knew you were never going to get better and rather than have you die in pain under who knows what circumstance, I wanted you to die with your friends and family surrounding you, which we managed to achieve. Mikey was there. Nikki was there. I was there. We all loved you immeasurably and none of us wanted to see you go. I was strong for you as you drew your last breath. I wanted you to hear my voice encouraging you and telling you everything would be okay in your final moments and I hope that you remember me for eternity.

Mikey misses you. Nikki misses you. In our own way we all want you to be there again so that we can enjoy one more moment with you, but I can only tell you about my own loss - I feel lost without you. I look at your pictures each day and I still cry for you, six months after you left. I hope you've found peace, my friend, and whilst I know that each day I live without you I will struggle to find peace a small uncynical piece of me hopes that I'm wrong and that I will find you happy to see me in the afterlife.

I love you, Darcy. I always did. I always will.


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