You Gotta Kick A Little  

aka "BJ"
June 5, 1983 - August 3, 2011
Owned by Brianna McKinney

Dear Bjers,

I love you with all my heart and I can’t stop thinking about you. You were the one guy that was always there for me. I still remember the day dad brought you home...he rode you bareback with a halter down the road to our house. You were such a fat ol boy.

We did so many things together like the time when that crazy horse we bought called "Buddy" was chasing us out in the back pasture (supposed to be your "buddy" but didn’t take a liking to you) and he ran up and bit you on the butt? You kicked him and bucked me off into the barb-wire fence trying to protect me from that crazy thing. You never left my side even though he was there, I still have the scar and I’m sure your spotted butt still hurts. Or the time at the Claremore expo when you were chasing down my dream (after our little detour) and I was a whippin' and a kickin' and you bucked leavin' the second barrel and the whole crowd gasps and I just a kept on never even missed a beat. That's how you got your name, I was used to your little games. Ha-ha Or what about that time at the Tulsa expo you were acting like a complete butt hole and mom led you away from everyone because you were scared to pee in held it for HOURS!! Ha-ha Or how about after my appendix surgery. Remember how mom told us to JUST walk and the second we got outta sight the fire lit behind your butt? Ha-ha Too bad for one of the parents taking pictures or we would have gotten away with it. My little partner in crime (:

I can’t really call you my sidekick because to be honest I was just there along for the ride. I was more your sidekick. lol Or all the times you took me to a victory - 2001 All Around Cowgirl, 2001 Barrel Champion at CVRUC, 2002 Barrel Champion at CVRUC, 2002 Pole Champion at CVRUC, 2002 Flag Champion at CVRUC and all the all-around buckles 2001, 2002, 2003, then our Princess titles 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and many more. Or when I’d act like you were a racehorse and we had that little make believe starting gate you'd bolt across the field and you’d haul butt every time just to please me. How about all the stunts I tried with you? Standing up on your back then trying to walk you and landing flat on my butt...I can’t believe all the things you’ve done for me like stopping when I’d get just a little bit off balance on your back. Ha-ha Sweetheart goat tying horse’s aint suppose to stop in the middle of the arena. lol but it's okay I still loved you (:

I can remember dad roping off of you, time after time you'd back in that box and shoot outta there like a 3 year old gelding full of energy, turn left when dad would dally, stop on your butt, turn and face and have a nice run. Then dad would put me on you and I’d try to do the same thing and you'd walk....taking your dear sweet time...just one foot after another...even though I’d be a kickin my little heart away. Ha-ha Remember the time at the Tulsa expo when that guy came up to dad and asked how much he was asking for that spotted horse and dad said he aint for sale and how the guy kept bugging him, offered him a blank check and dad seen me and you and told the guy that that little girl right there was the owner and you’d have to talk to her. And I screamed at the top of my little 5 year old lungs, "He's my horse and he's NOT for sale." and stomped off. The whole building echoed and dad just laughed at the guy when he kept on asking after that.

You were the best teacher I could ever ask for. You are my best friend, my wild mustang, my lil stud muffin, my spotted buddy, my absolute everything, and my baby boy. I'm always here for you BabyB. You’re never going to be are the best horse in this world and I’m not the only person who thinks that.

You were diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. The vet didn’t think you’d make it much longer after that... But Bj that was 10 years ago, we didn’t give up on you...then 4 years ago you got the ulcers and got really sick on us. Mike, our vet, said don’t expect him to make it through the cakes, that was 4 years ago. You have the BIGGEST heart that I have EVER and will probably EVER see in a horse. You made sure everyone knew it too. You’d never give up and that’s what I loved about you. You are my little night in shiny armor. You are my fighter. And baby you fought hard.

I’m glad I got to own you for 16 years. It was by far the best time of my life. I love you with all my heart and that’s one thing that will never change. I buried you with your zebra blankie to keep you warm this winter. But I cut some of the zebra pattern off so you’ll always be with me.

I hate that I have to write you a letter to talk to you now; I wish I could just walk out and see polka dots and your pretty little face. The days are hard for me and the nights are even worse. I hate being around other people and putting on a strong, "I’m okay." face. BJ, this is killing me, we were like the ol couple that could never be parted. I hate being at this house right now because you’re not here. Like the Justin Moore song, "If Heaven Wasn’t So far Away" because trust me I’d be with you every second of every day.

Now if I could just say this one last few things I will be good until I write you tomorrow...I really wish you could bring us rain baby, some colder weather would be nice too. I love you with everything I got and I’ll still chase down my dream but this time with my lil angel. Don’t give baby Jesus too much trouble and don’t wait on me...give a lil girl up there a pony to love on...I’ll be there when I get there...I hope to see you standing at the gate all fat and healthy ready for me to hop on your back and finish the dream we started 16 years ago.

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