April Lee

aka: Pretty Mare, Baby Girl and Yee-Yee

April 1, 1974 - June 23, 2008

I knew you for a few years before you were mine. I was a little girl playing in the yard and Uncle Stanley would stop the carriage you and your daughter pulled and ask, "Wanna Ride?". Oh, how excited I would get when Mom said I could go!

When Aunt Jane came and said you needed a good home because the people taking care of you weren't doing a very good job, there was no doubt in my mind that you would eventually be mine. I saved every cent I earned or begged until finally I had enough to bring you home.

You came off the trailer head-strong, head-shy, matted, and with hooves in the air. I'm sure you thought the same thing as I did, "What have I gotten myself into?". You didn't trust anyone at that point and it seemed like forever (2 weeks) before you came to me instead of running away. You joined my pony in the pasture and quickly showed her that you were the boss. You tormented her, and tried to steal her grain, but also 'protected' her against the big, bad vet and/or farrier if you thought for an instant they might hurt her. You and I mourned her together when she died.

You didn't like thunderstorms, but didn't mind the rain. You didn't like fireworks or the garden hose. You hated sugar cubes and gave me 'the lip' when you got your de-wormer. You knew every medicine trick in the book and beat me at it every time. You hated to be out of your pasture, but did end up out quite accidentally if a couple of boards came down. 

You loved getting brushed, stealing butterscotch cookies, apples (3 every day), corn husks (which you insisted contained no silks or stems), and being scratched in that spot just under your chin. You loved the freshly fallen snow and would play in it for hours. You loved to nudge anyone who was a potential source for 'just a few more treats'. You loved taking naps in the sun and sprawled out so far, people thought you were dead! You loved the cats who shared your barn and tolerated all the other animals that passed through, except for the bear. I could have sworn you said to it, "Move along, don't hurt my girl, and there won't be any trouble.". 

For 23 years, you were my friend and my companion. You heard all of my fears and my secrets and listened to me cry. I gave you guidance and sat with you all day and night when you were sick. I miss your kisses, hugs, and nuzzles. I miss your smell and being covered with your hair. I miss your reply when I whistled or called to you on a cold winter morning, and I miss your nicker for 'grain and apples this instant, please'.

No more pain, no more fear, no more blindness. I know you are now running free and waiting for me. Nighty Night, Pretty Mare, Mommy loves you.


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