Appaloosa mare
20 years old
Went on ahead...October 26, 2010

My dearest Abby…fondly referred to as Abba Zabba, my beloved horse.
All of my life I waited for a horse like you.  I waited for a sweet horse to fulfill my every dream of having that special bond that only a little girl has with her horse.  It seems like it has taken me a lifetime to find that, because you see, I’m not a little girl now, but a grown woman.  I know that I will have other horses in my life, because I have more love to give, but you will always hold a special place in my heart…my first horse of my own.
I am trying now to remember the fun times when I would turn you out in the arena and you would gallop and hold your tail up and turn and snort at me.  You were so playful.  I also used to call you my “tropical horse”, because one of your favorite treats was an occasional banana.  You also loved watermelon, grapes, and raisins! 
You were such a one-person horse.  Sometimes, I would think that I could have someone that you didn’t know hold your lead rope, but when I walked away you would start to dance around, your eyes would get big, and you would whinny after me.  I had to turn around and come back and get you.  You always preferred to just come along with me. 
One of the things that I missed so much in the last few weeks of your life was that it was difficult for you to walk to the front of your stall to put your head over the rail when I called your name.  That was how I knew it was time.  But you always turned your head and called to me as if to say, “I’m still happy to see you, I’m just too sore to walk over there.”.
You use to love when I sang to you.  I would sing while I brushed you and when we were on the trail.  You use to make soft little noises while we rode along, which I useto call your singing.  The last few months when you were not feeling well, I used to sing to you the words from “A Song for You” with just a little bit of a change.

I love you in a place where there's no space or time
I love you for in my life you are a friend of mine
And when your life is over
Remember when we were together
We were alone and I was singing this song for you.

I play the song now and think of you.  It makes me happy because I feel close to you and it also makes me sad because I miss you so much. 
You were brave right up until the end and I was glad that we were together until the very last moment.  I find peace in the fact that my dear friend and trainer found a lovely animal sanctuary with a wonderful spot for you on a bluff overlooking a beautiful valley.  You will always be in my heart and I will always love and miss you dearly.
Thank you for all of the whinnies and kisses that you gave me!  It helps me to know that you are now out of pain and that you are galloping and grazing in Heaven.  A couple of days before you left me, a friend of mine had a dream that you were on a green hillside grazing with another horse named Champion.  I like to think that you are with him now! 
Until we see each other again, I thank you for all of the love you gave me…My Beautiful Abby.
Abby’s Mommy…Marcia

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