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Welcome to our webring, dedicated to the horses we have loved who have gone on ahead. Here your memorials to your equine companions are met with respect and appreciation for the bond you shared. We understand the void of your horse's physical absence. By celebrating their lives through our memorials, we fill a part of that void by acknowledging the gift we were given of having shared our lives with a very special horse.

A webring creates a circle, or ring of websites that share the same theme. They enable the website owner to be part of a family of sites about a subject that is near and dear to their heart. Our Hoofbeats in Heaven webring links together our horse memorials and horse loss information. It creates a safe haven of support for members and visitors alike who have, or will be, experiencing the loss of their cherished horse. Whether you have an extensive web memorial or a brief tribute, you are invited to join our ring.  In place of, or in addition to a memorial, we welcome horse loss information that helps one prepare for the loss of their horse and/or support after the loss.

You can't love and connect with a horse and not know what spiritual beings they are. No matter what our individual idea of heaven may be, we know that our horse's spirit never dies. All you have to do is listen to your heart and there it is...that sound that keeps your horse close and brings peace to your spirit...that cherished sound of hoofbeats in heaven.

Our WebRing Members' Horse Memorials

WebRing Information
This applies to those who have horse memorials on
 their own website and would like to join our ring.

Description of Our WebRing

Ring Requirements

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This is what your Hoofbeats In Heaven
ring graphic must look like on your
page with your own site title.

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Equine artist, Kim McElroy, has given
permission for The Messenger to
serve as our ring image. Image
may not be altered or reproduced.

What Is A WebRing?
A webring links websites with similar subject content together in a circle, or ring. When you visit one site, you can then click on the webring image to go to adjacent sites in the ring - and - if you do it long enough - you end up back at the first site you visited. Webrings ensure that you are visiting actively maintained communities of webpages. Each site in a specific webring displays identical code and graphics to facilitate ring surfing.

Webrings provide benefits for both visitors and site owners:

Visitors find related sites together into easily explored groups that they can quickly and easily navigate by areas of interest. In the case of the Hoofbeats in Heaven webring, you can visit our family of horse memorials and horse loss information. There is no need to endlessly return to search engines to find additional websites about the topic you are looking for. Just click on the webring link to continue on to the next horse loss site. For site owners, webrings are the best way to receive visitors to your memorial. Your site receives not just random hits, but hits from people actively seeking information about horse loss.

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  Ring Requirements
1.  Your website must include a memorial tribute to your horse.  It can be long or short, extensive or brief.


Your website includes horse loss information that helps one prepare for the loss of their horse and/or provides support after the loss.

You must already have either of the above on your website to join the Hoofbeats In Heaven webring. If you do not yet have a memorial on your site, we can post a tribute to your equine companion for you on our Hoofprints On My Heartsite.

2. The url of your memorial that you submit for membership must be the same url on which you place the Hoofbeats in Heaven html ring code (the ring graphic shown above).

3. Because our ring was created to pay tribute to your horse, we  would very much like our webring to be placed on the memorial page itself rather then on a page of webrings. This makes sure that visitors expecting to find your horses's memorial or horse loss information are taken directly there.

If however, you decide you only want the ring on a webring page, that page MUST have an easily found link to the memorial/horse loss information visitors are looking for.

4. Since Hoofbeats in Heaven will bring your memorial many visitors, your site must be working correctly; graphics and animation can be seen, menus work and links are active. Special effects must be able to be seen by the majority of computer users and do not crash browsers.  If your site is not finished but is currently "under construction", please wait to join our ring until your memorial is completed.

5. Your Hoofbeats In Heaven ring graphic must not be altered or appear distorted on your memorial page. Comparing your ring graphic to the sample above will show you exactly how the graphic is to appear.

6. Please place your html ring code on your site within 7 days of submission. After 7 days, submissions are automatically removed from the webring queue. You are welcome to resubmit your site when you are ready.

7. It is important that members keep their ring information current. If your site url changes, and you do not update your information, or do not let the ring owner know of the change, a portion of the webring will become disabled and your site will need to be removed from the ring.  E-mail addresses also need to be kept current.  You can easily access/edit your information from the menu above or write the ring owner with your updated information.

8. If your horse's memorial and/or horse loss content is part of a larger site, the content must be family-friendly and appropriate for children to view.

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  How to Join

1. Click on the 'Submit Your Memorial for Membership' link in the menu above and enter the required information. Failure to fill out all information will prevent us from being able to activate your membership. To make it as easy as possible for you to join, below is a description of the information you need to supply.

Site Title = The name of your memorial page

Site URL = The URL (address/location  of your memorial site; ie:  www.myhorsesmemorial.com) that you will place your Hoofbeats In Heaven ring graphic on.

Site Owner = Your name

EMail Address = Your e-mail address

Year of Birth = Only the year is needed. This is because, by law, you must be 14 years old and older to join a webring. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member.

Password = Any word you choose to ensure no one can access your ring information but you or whoever you allow to have your password.

Keywords = Words that best describe your memorial.  Keywords help visitors find your site in a search. For example, "horse memorial, horse tribute, horse, equine," etc. are all good descriptive words to help your site appear in the proper search directory.

Site Description = A description of your memorial site.

2. As soon as you submit your memorial, you will be given your html ring code.  Copy and paste this code into the page of your memorial within 7 days of submission.

3. Save the e-mail that includes your Ring ID, Site ID and password as you will need this information should you ever want to edit your site information.

4. When you have placed your html ring code on your page, your site will automatically be placed in the webring queue. The ring owner will make sure that your ring graphic is working correctly and will then add your site to the ring.

You're done!  It's that easy to become a member!  If you have any questions, please e-mail the Ring Owner for assistance.

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It is each member's responsibility to keep their site information current (ex: change of url and/or e-mail address). Failure to notify us of a new url (site location) means no one will be able to visit your site. It also means the ring will have a dead link which will disable a portion of Hoofbeats in Heaven. As a result, your site will have to be removed from our ring. To prevent this, keep your information updated and/or get your html ring code, you may log in below. Thank you for your consideration!

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