Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Where Are You?
Written & Contributed By
Olivia Dudman

To my dear, beautiful Dotty,

I've learn't so much,

Those three months together went so quick,

But these seven months have been so long without you.

One minute I was putting you in your stable,

Next you were gone.

It seems so long, 

I polish your saddle,

I polish your bridle,

But now I can't groom you.

I go to the farm,

And think where are you.

I went to your stable,

I couldn't see you.

Remember the first time I saw you,

Your eyes were like glass,

Your mane and tail like grass,

Your touch was so gentle.

I look at your paddock,

Where are you?

Then I felt a breeze,

The grass swayed,

I looked at the field,

There you were galloping wildly,

On the golden field one last time.

My beautiful Dot Comm,

You are my shooting star,

That I make wishes on.

We made dreams,

We trained,

But when I was ready,

You weren't.

You have no pain anymore,

My beautiful Dotty,

Happy birthday and I'll see you again,

When my time is up.

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