Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond



When It's Time To Say Goodbye
Written & Contributed By
Caddie Dufurrrena

We've spent so many hours together, my precious friend
There's nothing I dreaded more than saying goodbye

It came all too quickly, and unexpected
Not that knowing would have made it any easier

But I looked in your eyes
I saw your pain
I knew that as your best friend I had to do what was right
There was only one decision I could make

And I sat with you, through those final moments
Tears flowing freely and unashamed
I watched the light leave your eyes
And I heard your last breath

I rested my head on your neck
I told you I'd love you forever
I told you about the green pastures waiting for you
Where you could run wild and free

And as I sat with the shell that was only your body
Your neck still so soft and silky
I closed your eyes and straightened your mane
And I whispered that you were the best horse in the world

Now, only days later, I am alone
So few who understand this soul-torturing hurt
Wearing a mask on my face to hide my pain
Wishing I could hear your soft nicker just one more time

I believe, I have to believe, that we will meet again
Somewhere in those green pastures I can see you waiting
When my time has come, and I am ready to go
You'll come trotting up to meet me, and carry me home.

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