Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Together We Fly
Written & Contributed By
Paige Cerulli

The very sight of you is enough to make my day.
You always heal my heart, but you need no words to say.
You have never hugged me; I've never held your hand,
But your quiet presence lets me know you understand.

I never have to ask for help - you pay it no heed.
This is why I run to you in my times of need.
We take our walks together as the day comes to a close
And I whisper to you secrets that nobody else knows.

I lean upon your shoulder, so much stronger than my own,
And if I'm lost within the world you'll carry me back home.
Even as you know me so, you don't know my name,
But still you listen as I talk, lacing flowers through your mane.

I owe you all my happiness - you're everything I know!
I'm not sure I could carry on - please, promise you won't go!
No one else knows of this bond - it's something they don't feel,
But you're what I depend on - you teach my heart to heal.

The times I spend with you are when I know I'm truly blessed.
Of all the rides we've had together, the ones I enjoy best
Are our sunset rides along the trail, passing beauty by.
On your back you give me wings. Together we shall fly.

"Dedicated to Buttons. You are loved so much.
You gave me my wings and taught me to fly.
I'll never forget.

Button's Memorial Tribute

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