Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

The Wild Horse
Written & Contributed By
Emily Varney

With a frisk in her step, she’d gallop round the overgrown forest. Mud was kicked in the air by her hind quarters as she bucked and jumped, overjoyed to be free...

Her jet black coat shone in the rising moons light, and she occasionally spooked at the crickets croaking. By now it was pitch black, and the wistful owl was hooting his tune. The horse only knew my presence when a fragile twig snapped from under my trainers. I was mad with myself as for weeks now, every night I would observe the horse in silence.

Yet the horse didn’t spot me straight away. However she was looking frantically around for the culprit. I stood still scarce for a moment or two yet I was overtaken by boredom. I crept cautiously nearer but not quite through the trees. Nevertheless I was still clumsy…I tripped over a thick log and landed on my feet. Before I knew it I stood in front of the horse!

I was waiting for it to jump onto me and severely injure me. However we both stood there, as if glued to the spot. She was beautiful, she had a charming blaze running down her face. Even though she had a scruffy mane and tail, and a few scabs on her neck she was gorgeous. It was made to be.

I carefully rubbed a bit of my water onto her scabs, removing my hand when she squealed. I reached in my pocket and found a carrot left over from my lunch. The horse took it from my hand and then nuzzled my coat appreciatively.

Afterwards I patted her on the neck and slowly reached out to hug her. After a while she wriggled free, whinnied to say thank you, and cantered off into the distance.

I decided not to tell my friends at school my experience tomorrow…

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