Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

The Story In The Picture
Written & Contributed By
Jess Wilmers

There is a picture,

That is detailed and beautiful,

It tells a story.

The story tells of a bond,

So strong,

It could never be severed.


In a single moment,

The duo became a solo act.

The love that tied them together was still burning,

But now violent.

A heart,

Once full of joy,

Held unbearable sorrow.

The elegant glass of wonderful times shattered,

And the memories slipped freely to the dust.

Frightening pain flashed in the now haunted eyes,

The gentle heart now stone.

The hands of the survivor trembled,

As they held the picture.

The survivor had visions of destroying the picture,

Watching flames engulf the smiles,

Tearing up the memories,

But it was the only thing left.

The heart will heal,

And the story will end,

When I meet up with my partner again.

"William, I love and miss you.
I'll never forget you."

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