Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

The Great White Horse of Heaven
Written & Contributed By
Shari Starr

When the great white horse of heaven came to carry me away

I asked for extra time to ensure you’d be okay  

When I took in first angel breath to release earth’s final hold

His vast expanse of loving wings held us close within his fold

We covered you in care and love all throughout the day

But heaven’s  gate was calling me to start me on my way

A strange new pulse through me now surging

A pull, ever stronger and more urging

This must be the time, the sound that I hear

The rush of countless horse angels drawing me near 

The great white horse of heaven now takes me in

My celestial journey I now begin  

A crescendo of whinnies welcoming me

He stretches his wings; gathers the herd to see

With deepest interest and inquisitive eyes

Excitement as tho viewing a newborn foal; just arrived   

My wings still wet with heaven’s dew

Now God’s perfect horse angel born anew

I take my place with this heavenly herd

My voice in glorious unity now will be heard 

In this multitude of millions joined in song

Of angelic whinnies that I now belong 

This melodious chorus from us above

Still bonds us together until we are re-united in love

"Inspired by Snickers, The Great White Horse of Heaven."

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