Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Souls Forever Free
Written & Contributed By
Alexandra Lewis

Gallop on beneath the white clouds,
With mane and tail wind blown,
Hooves pounding into the soft, wet ground,
The golden rays of sun shimmering on your body,
Graze upon the greenest grass,
Live your heart every day with joy,
Here in this place you are free,
With the wild mustangs like you used to be.

I shed a tear just thinking about,
How it used to be when you were around,
You'd make me smile when I went to see you,
I could cry on your shoulder and you'd comfort me,
This is how it was meant to be.

We would ride on open vast valleys,
And gallop on without a single care,
We'd race those barrels every spring,
At those rodeo grounds not far from here,
We won first prize many a time,
I was so proud of you then.

But since that awful night,
Only a month or two ago,
My best friend you were separated from me,
I recall the pain in your eyes,
The way you could not move from the ground,
You knew it was your time to go,
With a tear-streaked face,
I said my good-byes,
I hugged your neck, I kissed your nose,
Then you were gone,
My heart now broke.

You're gone now, but not so far,
You've crossed Rainbow Bridge, that place up in heaven,
Where your soul will forever be free,
My candle is shining brightly now, as it is lit for you,
Just remember that I love you still, and always will,
And I miss you every treacherous day that lingers on,
You were my angel with wings, that guided me every step of the way.

For every dream I dream, it will be of you,
The pain still hurts, and it's all I can find,
But I know one day we'll meet in that special place,
And ride again because our souls are one,
Run, dream, live,
Hide under that vibrant sun.

Run with the stars, the moon, and beyond,
Because to tame a wild spirit, is to free your heart and fly...

"Dedicated to my two beloved horses, Cheyanne and Nevada.
May your souls rest in peace.
One day we will rejoin in heaven..."

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