Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Satin's Sweet Song
Written & Contributed By
Paulette Carpenter

Satin awakened slowly, disoriented a little and reluctant to give up this deep, delicious sleep. How strange was this feeling! Usually she slept in fitful intervals, pain seeping through even to her dreams. She stretched, fully expecting to feel the pain that was with her always. But instead, she felt strength and power filling her muscles.

Off in the distance, she heard the thunder of hooves and tried to peer through a veil of fog that seemed to hang on the paddock's edge. Slowly, the familiar form of a gray horse began to emerge from the fog and Satin blinked in amazement. She hadn't seen Mishie for over a year, and then she had seen only her lifeless body. Yet there she was, young and healthy.

Excitement filled her and she leaped up without the usual caution, surprised that her once atrophied muscles were springing to life and the pain was gone.

Her hooves were strong and whole, and she felt more alive than she had in years. Mishie tossed her head and beckoned her to follow. Satin looked back to the place where she had lain and saw her beloved human family hovering over the still body of a horse.

Understanding dawned and Satin was filled with love and gratitude for their sacrifice. They had set her free. She gently touched their cheeks with her nose and nickered softly, then whirled and reared, leaping into the air with joy. She followed Mishie through the mist and found herself in a new place, more beautiful than she had ever seen.

A large herd of horses were grazing quietly and looked up as she entered their world. She recognized them instantly and even knew some by name...Rene, Major and Mon Ami. The herd began to prance and whinny their greetings. Finally, the one they had waited for had come home. Satin and Mishie joined the herd and galloped full-speed across the meadow with wild abandon.

This was good. She ran without tiring and it felt magical.

Her thoughts turned to her people and she knew that she would return someday and bring them to this place that was home.

This was good, but that...

...that would be PERFECT!

In Honor of Satin and Mishie.

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