Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Written & Contributed By
Trina Lusse

This is a poem to my Gabriel
of four socks, two flecks of white
and a heart of pure devotion.

I love him I do, more than anything, it's true
I never thought I could love something this much
From the very first time I thought you were the one
who'd make all of my dreams come true
I don't know why I’ve been so blessed
to love and to be loved by an angel like you.

So bold, he stands on hillside small
It seems like Everest to me
So strong, so silent, timid but brave
Half-breed, but perfect in my eyes

What beauty he holds
How I honor him allowing me on his back
His pride I see in each gait he attempts
Kisses so many, and fellowship shakes
His eyes never blink in my mind's eye

I see him there, his look of knowing,
integrity and understanding
I am his, he knows
I am a part of him, he a part of me
I will stay in the eyes of this angel
sent by the heavens to be my wings
to make sense of this world
to be that little bit of hope
to be that real, true friend
a friend I don't have to lose
and who appreciates my friendship in return

I feel him deep in my heart
Together it feels like we can touch the sky
Being close to him, he heals my hurts
He’s my cure, my cure from all the pain,
sorrow and hurt in this world

Riley will always be there for me, always,
There to turn every rainy day to a bright and shining one
and I’ll always be there for him
No matter the distance I'll be there
Never will I abandon you,
when you dare put your trust in me

When I hear your thundering hooves,
it's like you’re synchronized with my heart
We beat as one, with strength unknown by each other alone
but together can move mountains

You look at me in your cocky little ways
Your eagerness to follow and walk in my footsteps
Imprints harmony in our friendship
God can cascade a beautiful sunset behind you in a field so rich
and the most handsome thing will be
the horse I see beneath the heavens looking up at me.

Riley “Gabriel” Lusse died July 17, 2010.

Riley, I'll make you a promise. If there is life after this,
be waiting for me in the heavens with a warm wet kiss.

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