Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Written & Contributed By
Paige Cerulli

They say it's best to love and lose than never love at all,
But loving only builds you up. It doesn't break the fall.
And often when it's late at night I sit and wonder why
It came to be that wonderful just couldn't pass me by.

And as the moonlight, creeping in, send shadows to their grave,
I'm left in mourning for my friends - the beautiful. The brave.
The angels without need for wings, inherent of the sky,
While, lending us their gracefulness, they teach us how to fly.

In wishing for the days long passed, I often reminisce
Of how it felt to stroke his face. The shoulder that I miss.
The graceful soul too kind for words whose love would never end.
The one I'd hoped would pass me by, but then became my friend.

I know some angel rides him now. I pray she treats him kind
For he is only hers for now, while I stay here behind,
As up above the cloud-filled skies I know he waits for me
To join him in his Paradise for all eternity.

Lovingly written for and dedicated to
Cute As A Button, aka, "Buttons"

Button's Memorial Tribute

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